What I Learned From Dudley and Chris

There are 2 concepts I learned from previous roommates that continue to stick with me.

From Dudley I learned to always leave the bathroom cleaner than you found it. I remember repeatedly seeing him tidying up the bathroom as I’d walk past. Nothing major; it took maybe a few seconds on his way out. But once you start doing it, you realize the impact it has over the longer term. Your bathroom stays in better shape longer. It feels like a nice silent contribution as a guest.

On a deeper level, it’s fulfilling to be leaving places better than you found them. Duds may not know he taught me this, but I’ve carried it with me for years now.

What I learned from Chris was the concept of “snapping into action.”

We’d be lounging around Saturday morning, burning time and avoiding the things that need to get done. Then he’d mumble, “OK, time to snap into action” and start attacking his to do list.

I was always impressed with his ability to transition from lazy to active, so of course needed to try it myself. It’s not perfect, because I’m not always committed to it. But it is a useful tool I still use to try getting myself moving. And either way, I love the idea of giving yourself an anchor for the times you need to snap to it.

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