Quitting is Contagious

While recounting his climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in his book, Travels, Michael Crighton mentions his belief that quitting is contagious.

It’s the idea that it’s easier to skip the gym on Wednesday after skipping it Monday and Tuesday. And how quitting one pursuit will lead to quitting other pursuits as well.

I believe in this, too. It falls in line with the ideas that everything is a skill, you’re either getting better or worse, and self trust.

I’m struck by how important your self worth and self respect is in all this. Part of the reason I take my goals so seriously is I don’t want to let myself down. When I make a goal, I view that as the most important kind of commitment: one to myself. I don’t want to let myself down because I believe I’m worth it. I’m worth more than whatever distraction, attraction, or impulse might stand momentarily in the way of achieving that desire.

Moving beyond the personal level of the matter, it also sheds light on how you’re influenced by those around you. Are you surrounded by quitters? Or are you surrounded by finishers? Our minds present us enough challenges internally. We could do ourselves a favor by surrounding ourselves externally with folks who support us when we need it, rather than helping usher you off the chosen path.

I like reading everyday because it helps me connect different concepts from different areas of my life. Also, Travels is an awesome book, especially if you enjoy self-reflection.

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