I Did Not Know There Were Bison Here

My habit for this month is to write for 10 min each day Monday – Friday.

It’s part of my Personal Power Hour and going well. I haven’t published an article the past few days, but I have been working each day. It’s a longer piece on the Ben Franklin Club we had in NYC.

But today I decided that my intent with the was to publish something each day. To produce words accessible to another human. I’ve maintained a mental block over writing for some time, and this is an initial step toward eliminating that. So Franklin will have to wait. Today I publish.

I’ve found 2 cool things recently.

First, iTunes radio isn’t bad. It’s right there in your iTunes app. Jim Kwik suggested that Baroque era music is the best background music to help you concentrate. So I’m trying it. Pandora could do the same thing, but iTunes seems to have less distracting commercials. You and I could eliminate that conversation by simply paying for Pandora, though.

Second, Mal and I went for a ride yesterday through Golden Gate Park and stumbled on a field with bison. Didn’t expect that. It was fascinating to watch them meander around and reconnect with their massive size. One took a short sand bath. The loudest thought running through my mind was, how do they stay stimulated? Do bison even need to stay stimulated?

I am still enjoying the “honey moon” period of arriving to a new city where you find all new things seem so cool. Colors are brighter. Mundane is novel. It’s like the new environment makes you see and experience life at a higher resolution.

I’d like to continue living with this deep curiosity and excitement. There’s no reason it should stop.


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