Small Groups, Big Ideas: SF Edition

So you’ve been invited…

Each night is a different small group of eclectic people. Entrepreneurs, tech startups, artists of all kinds, non-profit/charity founders, and high achieving people in life.

The point of this dinner is to get unique ideas and perspectives outside the normal world of people we hang out with. And a chance to meet unique and interesting people making things happen in SF.


Axum Cafe
698 Haight St (Haight and Pierce)
San Francisco, CA 94117

The food is cheap and delectable. It’s gluten free as far as we can tell.

What To Bring

The discussion is guided by the question “What are you struggling with? What’s a current challenge?”

Bring an idea of how to answer that for yourself.

The challenge can be large or small, personal or professional. It’s common for participants to ask for help on workplace issues, personal relationship questions, business strategy, etc.

We’ll have 7 – 10 minutes to mastermind each person’s challenge. In order to create a safe space, all conversation is off the record.

Final Details:

Starts at 7pm sharp

Once everybody arrives, we do a round of introductions with a “best of” recommendation. Something you are really excited about or new discovery (app, place in the city, website, book, etc).

Goes to about 9pm