Steve Martin

I did stand-up comedy for eighteen years. Ten of those years were spent learning, four years were spent refining, and four were spent in wild success. – Steve Martin

An insightful way to look at it. I’m a few chapters in and the book is fantastic so far.

Another smasher from page 125 of my edition:

There is a belief that one appearance on The Tonight Show made you a star. But here are the facts. The first time you do the show, nothing. The second time you do the show, nothing. The sixth time you do the show, someone might come to you and say, “Hi, I think we met at Harry’s Christmas Party.” The tench time you do the show, you could conceivably be remembered as being seen somewhere on television. The twelfth time you do the show, you might hear, “Oh, I know you. You’re that guy.”

There is a strikingly similar advertising quote about how much repetition with which an ad must be seen before a customer will remember you. Guess I can’t be surprised it applies to TV appearances, too.


Rickesh is launching a private equity fund for whisky. God bless that man.


You’ve also learned that the environment you place yourself in can have a dramatic effect on your behavior. The people, the situations, the locations, your emotional moods, life challenges, your surroundings, etc… they all have an influence on what you eat and what you view as “normal”.

Came across this today. Powerful to realize, life-altering to practice.


NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell

This is a fascinating look into NYC in 1977 and the culture and music inspired by that time.

Punk at CBGB’s, orgies, disco, underground parties giving rise to Studio 54, hip hop in the park, birth of subway car graffiti, Summer of Sam; it’s all here.

Beautiful flick.


Bill Drenttel on Business

He was the business guy of a design firm. Good list, if I’ve ever seen one.

Focusing on making a partnership work is more profitable than focusing on making money.

Love your employees more than you love your clients.

The best new business is your current business.

Price projects by asking yourself what the client’s lawyer would charge.

It’s better to be hired for your work than for your price.

When it comes to getting paid, the first of the month is better than the thirtieth.

Making money off mechanicals, printing and computers turns your business into a commodity.

The books in your library are more important than the numbers on your balance sheet.

In order to love your work, take vacations.

Power, in business, comes from sharing money and valuing love.

Here’s the story.


San Francisco Housing

In December, almost 40 percent of the home sales were all cash. Redfin estimates that, on average, homes in San Francisco are selling for 60 percent to 80 percent over asking price. Most are gobbled up within 16 days of being listed, down from 61 days five years ago, when the nation’s real estate market was still soft. (NY Times)

Not a great time to be planning a move.


Larry in Silver City, New Mexico

I met Larry at a Holiday Inn in Silver City, New Mexico.

We had finished our hike the day before and I was folding up the tent in the parking lot, where I’d set it up to dry.

Larry, the maintenance guy there, saw me and stopped by. He shared stories about summiting the peaks all around the area and suggested Silver City was a better location than much of Colorado because of that access.

We shared stories. He brought me into the Holiday Inn maintenance room so he could give me his card. It was a nice interaction, the kind that typifies my experience with people in smaller towns. Great guy and great memory.

His blog name is awesome, too: Big Lar’s Picture Stories. Got to love a guy that refers to himself as “Big Lar.”


A Literal Snake Oil Salesman

Oregon Blue Book

Jim Morrison on Why Fat is Beautiful

The rest of the Blank on Blank videos are delightful, too.


Skype is Blowing It

Skype making it harder to give them money

Bush league.